Full Version: Trade Accounts Anyone?
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Hi, I am looking for 100-200 of the following accounts below to round out my system. They will need to have had at least one post. The numbers next to them are the quantities I am interested in, which can be lower or higher depending on what you have.

I have a pretty decent amount of all of the remaining FCSN supported sites, all with multiple general posts. If you are in need of any accounts not listed, lets talk.

I will trade 1:1 for accounts (with the exception of Wordpress 1:2). I don't need any Wordpress but will trade one of mine for two of any of the others in the list.

I am not really interested in buy/sell but if you have any interesting ideas, PM me.

Zimbio (100)
bcz (200)
fc2 (150)
Soulcast (100)
eyeuser (200)
Unblog (200)
Gather (200)
Webnode (200)
Fotopages (200)
Blogbaker (200)
Blogetery (200)
Blogrr (200)
Datahub (200)
Busythumbs (200)
Goforfriends (200) (200) (200)
Albawaba (200)
Skyglobe (200)
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